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Posted on 12-08-2014

by Dr. Jason Lamarche

Lets be honest.  We all love food!  The problem is that most of us weren't taught properly on what the word "food" actually means.  My definition of nutrition is a practice of consuming something that improve or maintain your health.  We all eat things, but most of us don't eat food.  We eat processed things with no nutrition value that are essential devoid of vitamins, minerals, good quality fats, proteins and carbs.  The food we eat is empty!  It's all sugar and it fills us up and satisfies us but never makes us healthier. These foods are things like pastas, breads, flour and most deep fried foods.  The things that we all love!  We eat them because they make us feel really good, but we all know that it's not healthy for us.  We know it will make us fat, give us indigestion, maybe a headache, maybe diahrea, etc.  So why do we eat it?  We eat it because the food industry has figured out that our bodies genetically crave high calorie foods under times of stress.  I think it's fair to say that most of us have some form of stress in our lives, therefore we will crave high calorie foods, whether you like it or not.  These are the foods that food companies will market on TV, in newspapers, on billboards, etc.  And we get suckered into buying them.

So step number one to changing this is by adding good things.  Don't take anything away first!  That will make you feel deprived and it will stress you out more.  So add things like fresh vegetables and fruit to every meal.  Once you are comfortable with that start creating alternatives l like grilling your fish, instead of deep frying.  You'll see that once you incorporate these simple steps, you'll naturally stop eating the bad stuff.  When your body starts getting healthier, it naturally stop craving bad foods!  Email me if you have questions.  elitebraidwood@gmail.com

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